Our philosophy

BINOAR - real leather fashion between tradition and modernity

Leather is a material from two worlds - between indigenous peoples and high society, between work clothes and haute couture, between tradition and modernity. BINOAR unites these two worlds to the highest quality leather fashion.

How naturally tanned leather becomes modern fashion

Various tribes have perfected leather production for centuries. The best tanners in the world can be found in Morocco - only here you know how to deal with the sensitive material in order not only to preserve the unique structure but also to underline it with a gentle approach. Our products therefore carry the "Handmade in Morocco" label due to the particularly sophisticated vegetable tanning using vegetable substances.

As a responsible company of the 21st century, we also know about our responsibility to leave the world as we would like to see it. In terms of sustainability, we therefore establish a fair trade partnership with our suppliers, manufacturers and middlemen who pay the employees appropriately and avoid unnecessary animal suffering. BINOAR leather is a residual product from meat production.

In this way, something new emerges from centuries-old tradition that connects people through creativity. The founders Khalid Bounouar and Aiman ​​Kurdi also promote this message. They regularly present their clothes on stage - and get inspiration from people from different cultures.

Our artful handmade leather bags are created with the help of these tools

Ledertaschen in der Produktion
Werkzeuge mit den unsere Ledertaschen produziert werden.

At BINOAR, we visit production at least three times a year to monitor working conditions. The products are also improved and new ideas brought in.

During this time, we spend time with the production employees and expand our knowledge of the manufacture and improvement of each individual product.

Aiman :

In 2016 we started our first BINOAR t-shirt collection and traveled with my best friend Khalid through half of Morocco to collect inspiration.

It was the first time that I got in touch with the craftsmanship of Morocco.

I was so enthusiastic about the handwork that I decided to include leather bags in our range and this ultimately became our main business.

For two years we were looking for a team that could translate our ideas into high quality products.

We created the first samples in 2018 for our first leather backpacks and then it kept developing. Bag by bag the journey continues ..


real leather


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