How to properly care for your Binoar leather products!

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When you finally hold your new BINOAR leather bag in your hands, there are a few things to take care of. After all, you want to enjoy it for many years. Immediately after unpacking, it is best to impregnate the bag to optimally protect it from moisture and bleaching solar radiation.

Commercial impregnation spray guarantees this protection, but if you prefer to use natural care, you can use Beeswax The beeswax-based leather care product is dabbed onto the leather and rubbed in with a slightly damp cloth or sponge.

This will make the leather a little darker. The method also helps to cover up unsightly scratches and gives your bag an even more individual look.

What to do if the smell of leather is too intense?

Our leather is a natural product and the characteristic smell is included in the Binoar leather nature products!

But if it is too much of a good thing, it should be said that the more you use your bag, the faster the strong smell will evaporate. This process can be accelerated with small fragrance bags.

Leather care: how do I properly clean my bag?

If there are traces of sebum on your bag, there is no need to panic. These white edges are normal for a naturally relubricating product and are easy to remove. Gently rub over the affected areas with a dry cloth or sponge and the spots will disappear.

Grease stains can also be easily rubbed off with a dry and clean cotton cloth. If this treatment is not enough, you can put your bag in the oven at 50 ° C for up to an hour, so that the fat dries out.

It is best to wipe them off afterwards with rinsing water and grease them again. In summer you can also simply put the bag in the sun if it is too greasy.

What do I do if my leather bag stains?

A new bag may stain. To be on the safe side, you should test with a bright cloth after purchase to see if it happens to your leather product.

First rub dry and then with a slightly damp cloth over the leather, because warmth and moisture promote staining. Proper and regular care can protect your Binoar Leder nature product from staining. So don't forget to protect it from moisture with an impregnation!

How do I get the rivets on my bag clean again?

If the rivets on your leather bag rusty or sticky, you can remedy this with a simple method: You can remove both the rust, the glue or the grease from the rivets with the help of cotton swabs and scouring powder.

Simply moisten a cotton swab, take up some scouring powder and rub lightly over the dirty rivets until they shine again.


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